$Rope is a Cult-Like De-Fi Project Taking over Cryptocurrency

I know what your thinking..but it really doesn't need a factual explanation. Its just..$ROPE and you should definitively avoid it at all costs. Maybe. Unless…Just Maybe…

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avoid the $rope…

➰ $ROPE — Story Time..

Originally $ROPE was just a fun meme/troll inspired project by Icebergy. He created $ROPE and started inviting close people and those close people invited others and all of a sudden we had almost 400 people in a Telegram group.

We thought “wow..this grew faster then intended” but proceeded with the airdrop to around 360 airdrop recipients of 74 $ROPE. One of the most amazing moments was when the price would not stop going up..10x..20x…50x…100x and beyond. Another amazing moment is when we realize that more then HALF of the original airdrop recipients did not dump their $ROPE (even while this is being written).

So..specific people saw this as UNIQUE opportunity to create something out of it. At this point people were already creating custom $ROPE memes and chanting messages like “don’t buy rope” “rope sold out” “when $CHAIR” rapidly. People got attached to this brand we created and we loved it.

Now we have a rapidly growing team of 5 Engineers, 2 Designers, Project Manager and a VERY dedicated community eager to see the next stage of $ROPE.

What is the next stage? Hehehe.

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you really want to buy this? heh.

$ROPE — “Varess” (V1)

“Varess” Yield Farming

We are building a custom built Yield Farming Platform named “Varess”. It will enable us to grow the farm LONG TERM. Yes..you read correctly. Yield Farming LONG TERM. You will reap rewards unlike any other utilizing our cutting edge Yield Farming Platform developed by amazing ANON engineers.

What are the rewards? Hehehe.

Read Below.

NFT — Re-innovated.

We have hired top secret NFT artists to create some of the most alluring and exclusive NFT’s you have ever seen. One that will grow in value over time, forever.


NFT S is just an alias as we don’t want anyone to know what we are planning to release before we release. Just know you will want to get your hands on these specific NFT’s when they release with $ROPE V1.

They are limited. They are crafted by gods of art. They are for ANONS like you. Everyone will want them. But, not all will get.

Basically… a bunch of ANONS are going to show you how Yield Farming & NFT’s should really be done.

But we aren’t stopping there…heheh


What you see above is just the beginning. We have so much in store way past V2 that will shift the world of De-Fi, NFT’s and other areas.

So its probably best if you avoid us at all cost and enjoy the show 😎

— — Powered by ANONS


Telegram (Citadel) — 74 $ROPES (See Above TG PIN)
Website https://rope.lol/
Twitter https://twitter.com/dontbuyrope

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dont buy $rope

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