The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The Dead Devs have been hard at work and a lot of changes are taking place with this upgrade, so we felt it was best to detail everything in a proper article for you, anons. Time to dive in.

HOPE 2.0

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For those who are new to the $ROPE ecosystem, $HOPE is the token earned from staking NFT’s, ROPE, and LP tokens at As detailed in our last article as well, $HOPE has gone through a migration from a non-transferable ERC-20 token to a fully tradable asset with this upgrade.

There is a migration…

Dead Devs have been hard at work and have a lot of upcoming announcements to share with you today.

Following all of the updates a vote will be put up to confirm that the community agrees with the approach — Vote will end on December 16th. If passed, all changes will go live by ~December 19th.

Table of Contents (Items to be Included in Vote Proposal)
1) Set 1 & Noombase the Game
2) Onsen
3) Hope Tradeable
4) Staking
5) Varess NFT Marketplace

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Set 1

As we move from seasons to sets, we would like to announce that the next batch of phenomenal NFTs will launch on December 19th. We partnered with a group of professional animators led by our art director Kika to build this collection for you…

Rope Season 2.0.1

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In response to a wave of unwarranted backlash from industry bros and extremely unbased people, the Rope community has decided to release a new Season 2. We hope everyone has as much fun collecting and playing the game as we had making it.

Noombase: The Game

Noombase is based loosely on the lore of the past week in the Rope community. These are the ties that bind, the strength that holds us together, the memes that bring a tear to our eyes. Too much? Ok. …

ROPE NFT Staking — Season 2


Moonbase the Game (Season 2 of ROPE NFT Staking) was scheduled to be released on October 19th as a partnership between the ROPE team and the BASED team. A deal was made, arranging for BASED to provide the art for Season 2 of ROPE’s NFT Staking, and for ROPE to provide the NFT minting platform for BASED’s new card game, Moonbase — the Game.

Unfortunately, on October 19th (the scheduled day of launch), the BASED team asked that we delay launch for them to fix some of the art. The next day, after a meeting between the ROPE and BASED…

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As we approach the end of season 1, we want to introduce a new mechanic to allow players to take advantage of the HOPE that has accumulated in the treasury. This new mechanic is called Jump Rope, so put on your exercise gear and get ready.

The Basics

There is roughly 17,950 HOPE in the treasury. We want players to be able to take advantage of this. So we built the Jump Rope contract. Players can deposit any amount of Rope to the Jump Rope, the Jump Rope runs for 48 hours (ending at block 11058500)

At the end of the sale…

The Spindle is a new first-of-it’s-kind contract designed to add value for Rope holders. Let’s go through how the Spindle works.

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The Basics

Users will be able to deposit 4 pairs of UNI V2 LP tokens to the Spindle:





The Spindle pools funds and uses it to farm UNI, the UNI is sold and ROPE is market bought with the yield. Users using the Spindle then yield ROPE.

At any time, you can send your accumulated ROPE yield to the HopeBooster. Once your ROPE yield is in the HopeBooster, you can choose to redeem the ROPE or leave…

A working summary of whats been going on — hit us up in the tg and provide any feedback you may have

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Snapshot is Live

More details to come on upcoming proposals

Overview can be found here:

Catch Up

One week since an anonymous Icebergy on the internet sent an airdrop to anyone who wanted it and let the community decide what should be built. In that time, the dead devs have accomplished a lot through many sleepless nights:

Memes, community building, established core team, NFT art set complete, v1 NFT farming built out, developed game theory for NFT farming, bootstrapped liquidity (more on that later), and enabled a multisig treasury.

We are ready to reveal the details of season 1 for Rope.


Anons bring so much to the crypto community. We want to honor them. The community decided…

I know what your thinking..but it really doesn't need a factual explanation. Its just..$ROPE and you should definitively avoid it at all costs. Maybe. Unless…Just Maybe…

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avoid the $rope…

➰ $ROPE — Story Time..

Originally $ROPE was just a fun meme/troll inspired project by Icebergy. He created $ROPE and started inviting close people and those close people invited others and all of a sudden we had almost 400 people in a Telegram group.

We thought “wow..this grew faster then intended” but proceeded with the airdrop to around 360 airdrop recipients of 74 $ROPE. One of the most amazing moments was when the price…


dont buy $rope

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