A working summary of whats been going on — hit us up in the tg and provide any feedback you may have

Snapshot is Live

More details to come on upcoming proposals

Overview can be found here:

Now that V1 has launched here is how the contract integrations work.

We love data, sharing at a high level what we have been monitoring behind the scenes

Last but not least what is in store for the future?

V1 was only the beginning


One Final Note on Upcoming Multisig Payments:

7 Txns will be sent today to compensate devs/pms/extended time spent for lack of sleep to get V1 shipped + the continuous focus to get a full feature set up and operational.

32.5 Rope — Lumyo — 0xC340B7A2A70d7e08F25435CB97F3B25A45002e6C

32.5 Rope — Froggie — 0xc391791Ecbb9B8CcCc9E708Fc847E941AF8025B2

30 Rope — DK — 0xAD16ebE6FfC7d96624A380F394cD64395B0C6144

15 Rope — Super — 0xfCAD3475520fb54Fc95305A6549A79170DA8B7C0

5 Rope — K — 0xa75458342eF5965Fe48028d48945a85fea7B89da

2.5 Rope — Stoic — 0xD507248FcB54D01143ca87E677b8619bE8934b97

2.5 Rope — CoinAlch — 0x329b90Dd19E3Ca381E5c05E071C276401D3c03C6

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