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The Skinny on Season 2

Rope is partnering with the Based team for Season 2. The Rope platform is being used as the official NFT minter for Moonbase — The Game. The BASED team has created an amazing set of 41 cards based on the lore and culture around Based and the Moonbase. We’ve collaborated on the NFT minting and farming logistics, to ensure the HOPE production and NFT minting rates are fair for both communities.

The Based community has been very supportive of the Rope project since launch and we’re proud of this collaboration for Season 2. Being the fans of fair games that we are, there will be some additional pools added for Season 2 to help keep the Rope game fair to new players, and open to BASED token holders. Fairness has always been an objective and core principal for Rope, so let’s go over the new pools.

Season 2 Pools

The dead devs have implemented severe HOPE inflation for Season 2. This helps keep things fair for new players coming in for Season 2, without completely devaluing any HOPE players have leftover from Season 1. This ensure new players joining for Season 2 can adequately compete with existing players from previous seasons.

This is a BASED season and as such, pools are slightly weighted in favor of BASED holders, but Season 1 players will recall there’s more than one way to play Rope.

All Season 2 Pools:

  • BASED/ETH UNI LP (max stake 25 LP tokens)
  • mbBASED (max stake 10,000 mbBASED)
  • ROPE/ETH UNI LP (max stake 40 LP tokens)
  • ROPE staking (max stake 60 ROPE)
  • NFT Staking (S1 rares, S1 uncommons, charity set)

Note that an additional HOPE multiplier can be obtained by farming ROPE through the Spindle with stablecoin pairs (Uniswap LP tokens), up to 2x HOPE generation.

Rope Game Mechanics

In Season 1 players fought to accumulate HOPE in a competitive environment to redeem individual NFT cards, Season 2 is a little bit different. Instead of 10 sets of cards for both uncommon and rare sets, there will be 42 cards divided into 7 rarity categories:

  • Shit tier (4 cards, quantity 1111)
  • Gold tier (17 cards, quantity 666)
  • Based tier (5 cards, quantity 420)
  • 420 tier (5 cards, quantity 69)
  • Super tier (6 cards, quantity 13)
  • Duper tier (4 cards, quantity 3)
  • God tier (1 card, quantity 1)

In Season 2, players will redeem HOPE to purchased randomized NFT packs. When redeemed, the NFT card pack will be opened, and the card inside will be revealed and added to your Deck. There are 2 tiers of card packs:

  • Pleb Pack: contains all tier
  • Rat Pack: contains the higher tier rarer cards: Based, 420, super, duper, and god
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Click “What’s Inside” to view the contents of the pack.

The probabilities of each card in the pack can be viewed by clicking the card pack image on the Season 2 page.

The randomized packs add an additional level of fairness to the game. In order to get a full card set, players will need to open packs of both tier to get the cards they need for Moonbase — The Game. Additionally, any player can luck out and score very rare cards by opening packs, regardless of their net worth!

NFT staking of Season 2 cards will not be active upon launch, this will be left up to community vote after.

Let the Game Begin

Season 2, Moonbase — The Game is now live. Get your tokens in a pool and start farming HOPE, so you can redeem card packs and earn rare NFTs.

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