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As we approach the end of season 1, we want to introduce a new mechanic to allow players to take advantage of the HOPE that has accumulated in the treasury. This new mechanic is called Jump Rope, so put on your exercise gear and get ready.

The Basics

There is roughly 17,950 HOPE in the treasury. We want players to be able to take advantage of this. So we built the Jump Rope contract. Players can deposit any amount of Rope to the Jump Rope, the Jump Rope runs for 48 hours (ending at block 11058500)

At the end of the sale, the HOPE in the treasury will be distributed proportionally to the amount you contributed. The deposited Rope is then sent to the treasury to help pay artists for upcoming seasons, and the deceased devs.

To clarify:
Alice deposits 5 Ropes, Bob deposits 5 Ropes, and Steve deposits 10 Ropes. The sale ends…Alice and Bob will each receive 4487.5 HOPE while Steve receives 8975 HOPE. The 20 Rope that was deposited is sent to the multi-sig Rope Maker treasury.

Game Theory

Players will have one final attempt to mint some cards that they missed out on, we’re looking at you late stakers. Or they can use this as an opportunity to get a “jump” on the upcoming season. Season 2 will be here before you know it and expect pricing and quantity changes to come with it. Maybe psyops. Not sure which is best, “do your own research.”

The Deets

The Jump Rope is now live at

Jump Rope contract deployment

Ownership of Jump Rope transferred to multi-sig

Enjoy the Jump Rope, have a nice day 🙃

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